How Long Do International Bank Transfers Take?

These payment messages need to contain sufficient information to confirm the identity of parties to the payment and confirm the legitimacy of the payment. Data standards and formats vary significantly across jurisdictions, systems and message networks. Governments and larger non-financial companies also use wholesale cross-border payments for large transactions generated by the import and export of goods and services or trading in financial markets.

The second reason is that foreign exchange services offer a far more bespoke service than what banks can offer. That means speaking to a dedicated currency dealer that is able to handle any enquiry relating to the payment processors for forex business transfer in real time and via email or phone. It also means that the currency dealer is able to guide the customer on the right timing to make the transfer to make the most out of it in terms of exchange rates.

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Please log into your account using Mobile / Internet banking or check your bank statement to find your IBAN. After selecting your account, choose ‘Move Money’ and then ‘Existing payees outside the UK’. Or you can do this via Online Banking, start by selecting ‘Move Money’ followed by ‘Send Money Outside of UK’ then ‘Manage payments’. Your SWIFT/BIC or IBAN is unique to you and helps ensure a payment is made to the right person. If you need your SWIFT please chat with us in our App – go to ‘Help’ and select ‘Chat now’. Then choose ‘Send money outside the UK’ and follow the instructions.

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  • Enter the payee’s full name, along with their IBAN number and BIC/SWIFT number.
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  • This currency converter tool provides foreign exchange rates by Mastercard to convert from the transaction currency to your card’s currency for cross border purchases and ATM transactions.

Currency conversion can be another drag on international bank transfer times. If your payment needs to be received in a different currency to the one it was sent, processing times can be lengthened. In most cases, international bank payments are actioned through the SWIFT network – a secure messaging system that banks use to send information. When you send an international bank transfer, banks will use the SWIFT network to ensure that your payment reaches its destination. Some payments go through intermediaries – also known as corresponding banks – almost like taking a series of connecting flights to arrive at your destination. It’s also worth mentioning that the SWIFT network doesn’t actually move your money, just your payment order.


You purchase goods from Asia on an ongoing basis which are sold in the UK. There is a lag (typically 3-6 months) between when you pay for the products in USD, and subsequently sell them in GBP. We’re a leading UK provider by market share and penetration, and are committed to delivering first class execution and settlement.

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Pay all the feesshare the fees with youask you to pay all the fees. Depositors may wish to form their own view on the financial standing of Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets plc and their parent company based upon publicly available information. While domestic payments have improved in many jurisdictions, with many more initiatives on the way, cross-border payments are lagging behind. Bank A and Bank B do not have accounts with each other so they use a bank where they both hold accounts — the correspondent bank. We have offices in Jersey, London, Isle of Man and Mauritius through which we serve personal and corporate clients with our international solutions. EU rules mean your electronic payments are becoming faster, easier and cheaper.

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You use Agile Markets to book FX forwards, as this provides certainty on the GBP cost of USD purchases in the future. Having certainty over the GBP costs, helps to protect your profit margins. Our FX sales specialists work alongside strategically positioned banking relationship teams in key locations across the UK and offshore. We continue to invest in technology to make sure you enjoy a great experience when trading on our digital platforms.

standard bank forex payments

Please contact your Relationship manager/ Branch manager and provide a request for resetting and enabling your user id and your password. If you have not used your login for 60 days, it will be deactivated. It is very important that we have the correct account details for you. If you wish to update your email address, mobile number, you will need to contact us using one of the options on our contact us page.

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