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D8 Flight D8 Live Resin Carts


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Jack Herer Live Resin Sativa Dominant
D8 Live Resin Wedding Cake: Indica Dominant
Wedding Cake Live Resin brings together sweet and fruity flavors. The tangy and earthy aroma combines both relaxing and euphoric effects. While the body sedation starts to build, the cerebral simulation continues.

D8 Live Resin Mango Kush: Indica Dominant
Mango Kush Live Resin is the best for when you are getting ready to rest. Get comfy on your sofa when you hit Mango Kush it offers sweet, spice and everything nice! The initial hit of mango makes you feel fun and tropical, then the kush kicks in, be ready to dive deep into the sofa as your body will be in vacation mode.
D8 Live Resin Granddaddy Purple: Indica Dominant
Granddaddy Purple Live Resin is the ideal late night Indica. Ready to enter a dreamy buzz? Take a few puffs and let the sweet vapor leave your mind and body in relaxation mode. Not only will it taste like a dream it will leave you feeling like you are in one!
D8 Live Resin Sunset Gelato: Indica Dominant
Sunset Gelato Live Resin is great to create the perfect ending after a long day. It packs sweet fruity candy flavor with hints of tropical fruit. The earthy aroma will leave you with cerebral clarity and body relaxation as the sunsets.


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