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Delta 8 Resin and HHC Cart




Pineapple Express & Mango Kush (Sativa Dominant):

Pineapple Express HHC smashed up against our Mango Kush Live Resin. Could this get any better? This fruit smash up will leave you happy and flying high. Coast throughout your day with this smooth and fresh Sativa Dominant Favorite. Get your game face on! This is a good one.

Watermelon Blueberry Lemonade HHC / Sunset Gelato Live Resin (Indica Hybrid):

Sunset Gelato Live Resin slams head on against our Watermelon Blueberry Lemonade HHC. Flavorful hints of Melon and Berry Lemonade makes the perfect companion when paired with our Sunset Gelato Live Resin. This Indica Dominant blend will have you relaxed and chilled for hours.

Trainwreck & Wedding Cake (Sativa Hybrid):

Trainwreck HHC collides with Wedding Cake Live Resin in this fan favorite. Enjoy the Smash Up of the Sativa Hybrid HHC combo. You could have gone the long route, but this ride will get you there faster than ever. Sit back and enjoy the ride. All aboard! Takeoff in 5…4…3…2…1.

Granddaddy Purple Live Resin & Fruity Pebbles HHC (Indica):

Granddaddy Purple Live Resin introduces hints of grape and berry to our Fruity Pebbles HHC. A true match up that has been long overdue. This Live Resin / HHC Smash Up is one that generations will talk about.  Smooth and flavorful, this hard hitting Indica blend is so good that even Granddaddy himself approves.


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